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BuzzBundle Review : Best Tool For Social Media Automation

Buzzbundle is a desktop software, which helps the users to bring in targeted traffic to your blog from various sources such as social media sites, blogs, forums etc. It is a cloud base application and a powerful social media software that helps you to find the buzz about your keyword. It makes your social life more easier and you can create the brand over internet to engage with your targeted audience. It is a modern technology software that organised on single platform and it fetch the contents from blogs, social media site such as facebook, twitter,google plus and linkdin etc. based users keywords. It also helps the users to get into conversation directly there by knowing where your targeted audience are and putting your content in front of them.

BuzzBundle Company Overview

Buzzbundle Review


Buzzbundle have more than 100000 users all over the world to grow their business or enterprises. It is social media management software. It was founded in 2012. Its integrates with various platforms and applications such as facebook, yahoo, youtube, google plus and twiter. Its helping the companies find the online conversation about their brand or product and promote them.

BuzzBundle Review: Features & Plans

Features of Buzzbundle
  • Multiple social accounts: The main feature of this product is to create and manage personas for all people you want to present.
  • Hide your real location: Its has additional feature is privacy to your location. and join conversations incognito from behind a proxy.
  • Flexible Dashboard: With this feature, users can quick search your conversations, remove any messages or chat, customize the data and many more.
  • Advance Scheduling: The users can schedule any number of posts and announcements from them to appear when needed.
  • Easy Posting and Messaging: The product has great feature for its users to easy messaging, retweet, reply, and send private messages.
  • A lot of supported sites: Buzzbundle supports many social media sites such as twitter, google plus, linkdin, youtube and facebook.
  • Centralised listing of Brand mentions: This software makes your social media life easier and you can create the brand over the internet. When all brands are under one place, you don’t have to waste your time in gathering results and scheduling your interactions for each channel.

 =>Additional Features of Buzz Bundle

 Its manages the new profile, registration and verification process.

  • It allows the user to find the conversation and post the reply automatically.
  • The product also provides you a free trail, where you can try its all the features and process.
  • It maintains the existing social media profiles and helps to post to all places from a single click where user wants.

Pricing & Plans Of Buzz Bundle

Plans of Buzzbundle

Users can have opted license type as per their need and features as per following:

 Features Free Trail Professional


Businesses Or Enterprises


1. Save history

(available for 15 days)

Save history


Save history


2. First 15 days- 70% of mentions

After 15 days- 30% of mentions

Track all brand mentions Track all brand mentions
3. 10 keyword groups to track mentions for 10 keyword groups to track mentions for 20 keyword groups to track mentions for
4. 100 keywords per project 100 keywords per project 200 keywords per project
5. 2 personas (acting as different people or groups) unlimited personas (acting as different people or groups) unlimited personas (acting as different people or groups)
6. Schedule posting (available for 15 days) Unlimited number of posts to schedule Unlimited number of posts to schedule
7. Not available Cloud storage for 5 projects Cloud storage for 100 projects
8. Not available Not available SMM reporting

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Pros & cons of BuzzBundle


  • It allows the single person to create the manage the new profiles and personas. A single person can post on a social media sites through different accounts.
  • Users can create the multiple accounts, so you can respond on any level.
  • Its manage the social media activities and keep eye on competitor’s social media.
  • This tool is friendly user software, easily download, manage without user guide and start getting things done after successful installation.
  • You can handle the hundreds of accounts under one roof.
  • you can pay one-time payment fee.


  • The biggest cons of this tool are limited features for you tube and video sharing websites.
  • It brings down your system while scraping keyword data from social media sites.
  • It does not support to mobiles and tablets.

Customer Support

The Product provides a free charge of services to its customers in 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year.

Support Centre: Buzz bundle team provides a free support to their users and customers. Users can raise a request by submitting a new support ticket for its customers support. After you submit a ticket, one of their support professionals will got back with you shortly with answer or assistance. It provides the life time customer support. You may request to customer assistance by submitting a message via contact forum and via email. It also provides the facility to its customer in 24 hours 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year except national holidays.

Learning Centre: Buzz Bundle helps the users or customers to learn and how to use SEO power suite and buzz bundle with their full videos tutorials with training course.

The followings are some learning videos:

  • Rank Tracker videos
  • Website Auditor videos
  • SEO spyglass videos
  • Link assistant videos

SEO power suite workflow guide: SEO power suite work flow is both a detailed SEO guide that takes you through all steps of affiliate SEO campaign. This guide is also available in PDF file.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of this product permits the returns within 30 days from the date of purchase of this product. The users can raise the request for refund if the confirmed bug/defect cannot be corrected and there are not any new updates provides to its users. The company issue the refund only in case of technical issues such as bug/defect, if there is any other issue regarding hardware or machine descriptions then refund request being declined. Buzzbundle.com issues the refund in cases of connection with fraud, abuse and such other cases.

The company can not have issued the refunds on ground of following reasons:

  • due to failure in hardware requirements.
  • any software configuration errors on the users end that are beyond the control of software product.
  • Unable to set up email account or an FTP account.

Users can raise the refund request after giving the full details in application such as:

  • Full name
  • Full address
  • E-mail address
  • Online invoice number
  • Refund reason.

Buzzbundle.com will not be responsible for any refund requests that are not timely submitted.


Buzzbundle is powerful social media software that helps the users to find the buzz about your keyword. It helps the users to bring in targeted traffic to your blog from various sources from social media sites. This tool allows the single person to create the manage the new profiles and personas.

In despite pros of this product there are some cons of product also such as limited features to you tube and video sharing sites.

In end of our product review, as per my opinion buzzbundle product is an excellent research tool for serious enterprises or marketers who are already making a decent income. This product can benefit to new projects and other similar tasks. As per our recommendations you can have opted this product but keeping in mind, cons of this product also. It is expensive for purchase of small business, large business entrepreneur to operate this. You must choose this tool according to your business needs.

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